15 Top Utah HS (2018) Sleepers

We have evaluated over 150 of Utah’s top players.  We have identified over 40 Division 1 players, that we have evaluated in person, and believe that there are at least twice as many more. Here is a list of 15 sleepers that have not received any D1 offers that are definitely D1 players. Bronson Barron has received FCS offers; we will continue calling him a sleeper, until he receives a D1 offer.

No. 15: Tre Davenport WR (Brighton HS) 6’4″ 195 lbs

Tre is a very gifted athlete that has the ability and potential to dominate a football game.  He looked really good when we evaluated him in person.  He is someone every D1 school should have on their radar.    


No.14: Michael Moten ATH (Pine View HS) 5’10” 180 lbs

Moten is a true athlete.  He has the ability to play a number of positions on the football field. He is a difference maker on the football field, and a Division 1 talent. 


No. 13: Kelton Bertagnini TE/DE (Provo HS) 6’3 215 lbs

One of the most athletic players that I have had the opportunity to watch; tall, big, and fast.  He is someone everyone needs to have on their radar.  Talent wise he is a legitimate D1 talent.


No.12: Ryan Javines QB (Pine View HS) 6’0″ 175

Ryan is a talented QB.  He has great film and looked very good when we evaluated him in person.  He is one that should be on people’s radar. He is part of a talented Pine View trio. 


No. 11: Alex Zettler ( Brighton HS) –  5’11” 185 lbs

“He reminds me of Drew Brees” – Former NFL coach, Fred Graves.  Alex throws one of the best “touch” balls that we have seen so far.  He is also a great leader and competitor.  He is definitely a sleeper, that would do wonders for a school on the D1 level.  His height will be an issue with many schools, but don’t let that fool you. He can play. 


No. 10: Chris Stubbs (Viewmont HS) 6’1” 190 lbs

Chris was one of the most dominate LBs that I had the opportunity to watch last year.  His game against Hunter was the selling point for us.  He dominated every game that he played in and also dominated at Mac’s D1 SHOWCASE.    


No. 9: Colton Manning (Clearfield HS) 6’1” 195 lbs

Colton is one of the most natural LBs that I have come across.  He has good film and is playing under former 7 year NFL veteran and D1 coach Andre Dyson.  When we watched Colton in person we were sold that he is a legitimate D1 LB, probably more of an inside LB than outside.  Coach Dyson agrees 100% with this evaluation.  


No.8: Jaylon Vickers ATH (East HS) 5’10” 180 lbs

Former D1 coach, and 7 year NFL veteran Andre Dyson thinks Jaylen is definitely a Division 1 talent.  “If Mountain West schools get over his height, they will get a phenomenal player.  He can definitely play at that level” – Coach Dyson.


No 7: Ben Ford QB/ATH (East HS)  –  6’0” 175 lbs

Ben has impressive game film.  He is even more impressive in person.  His quickness was something that definitely stood out to me when I evaluated him last week at the Weber scrimmage.  He is another one that would excel on the D1 level.  He is the best throwing option QB that I have come around.  He would be a deadly dual threat QB in a spread offense.  


No. 6: Jay Wadley TE/DE ( Viewmont HS) 6’5” 245 lbs

The move in from Florida has yet to play a varsity down in Utah, but has proved he is one of the most talented defensive lineman in the state.  Jay can very easily be the top 2-3 DE’s in the state, when it’s all said and done. He was impressive against some of the top lineman in the state when we were able to evaluate him. 

No. 5:  Tyson Herrera (Herriman HS) 5’10” 180 lbs

Tyson dominated the one on one segment at Mac’s D1 SHOWCASE.  I love his Hudl film.  It’s obvious that he’s one of the top safeties in the state; however, his coverage skills are what really sold me on his D1 ability.  He shut down everyone he went up against, many of the state’s top WRs.  He would be a legit 2-3 year starter in the Mountain West Conference.


No. 4:  Logan Floyd, OL  (Kearns HS) – 6’4” 280 lbs

“This guy is big time!” – Coach Ron McBride.  Logan is a legitimate Mountain West caliber OL.  Coach Mac and Coach Gerke have both signed off on him, as being a legit D1 lineman.  Recruit him now, or be sorry later.  


No. 3: Karter Shaw, OL (Herriman HS) – 6’3.5” 285 lbs

“If you want to get a big time player that no one is on, go to Herriman HS and look at Karter Shaw.  He can play!” – Alex Gerke, former OL Coach at Utah, Utah State, Hawaii, Weber St., & Cal Poly. Like Logan, Karter is one of the biggest sleepers in the state. It’s only a matter of time before he receives his first D1 offer.


No. 2: Jacob Mpungi (Pine View HS) – 5’11” 165

We had the opportunity to watch Jacob in April at Mac’s D1 Showcase.  Jacob dominated the one on one segments against the DB’s and Linebackers.  He is a power 5 football player.  I envision Jacob as someone who can play either side of the ball.  I really like him as a shut down corner.  He could very well do that on the Division 1 level.


No. 1:  Bronson Barron, QB  (American Fork HS) – 6’2” 200 lbs

Possibly the top QB in the state.  Rocket arm with great touch on shorter routes.  Leadership skills are what separates him from others.  Pac 12 coach told me, “We are waiting to see what happens. There’s a great chance we will offer him in the fall.”  Bronson is a legit Power 5 QB. 

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  1. If you would like to see more talent you need to watch the Dixie flyers they D1 talent all over the field as there first 2 wins were against 5a Springfield and 6a power house lone peak…

  2. I agree with you. We are actually planning a trip to St. George in order to evaluate Dixie HS. When you look at our latest rankings, you will notice that two Dixie players have moved up.

    1. That’s great you guys are coming to watch a game we would love to meet you if possible out team is loaded with great players like Hobbs nyberg, Tyson fisher, and our son Kaden Williams , talent down here is amazing thanks for the response

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