D1 Watch List – Herriman Preview

Coach Pearce has built another championship caliber team.  Herriman has a tough schedule, but this team is poised to show that they belong at Rice Eccles, come November.

Here’s a look at the 2018 Herriman players, we have been able to evaluate in person, as well as film:

2018 D1 Watch List

Jaren Kump OL

6’5″ 260 lbs

Jaren resembles a heavyweight boxer, more than a traditional offensive lineman. The BYU commit has some of the top programs in the country after him, including two premier Pac 12 programs. Jaren has great footwork, and a motor that can rival anyone’s in the country. BYU has an outstanding commit, in Jaren.  We believe many of the nations top programs will come after Jaren, in the coming months.


Karten Shaw OL

6′ 3.5″ 285 lbs


Karter Shaw is one of the top lineman in the state.  A former D1 coaches think he may very well be one of the top 2-3 offensive lineman in the state.  He is a technically sound player, that plays with great leverage, and also a mean streak. We expect him to have some quality D1 offers by December.


Tevita Fotu DE

6’5″ 245 lbs

Tevita has the potential to not only be one of the top DE’s in the state, but also in the country.  His potential is that high. The BYU commit is talented.  We’re looking forward to watching him play this year.


Braxton Pearce C/DT

6′ 1″ 280 lbs

Braxton caught our attention in the Spring, when we watched film of him.  Coach Pearce told us that he had a couple of sons on the team.  He never told us they were phenomenal football players.  Braxton is a talented two way lineman (Center/DT), that plays with great leverage. Braxton can play at the next level.


Tyson Herrera DB

5’10” 170 lbs

Tyson has great game film, and is even more impressive in person.  We watched him dominate some of the top WRs in the state, during the Spring season.  Don’t let his height fool you.  The hard hitting safety is no doubt a D1 talent.


Isi Leakehe WR/DB

6’1″ 180 lbs

Isi is another player that caught our attention in the Spring.  He is a talented WR, and also a talented DB.  He’s long, tall, and fast; something many D1 coaches crave, when looking for talented skill players.  He is definitely a D1 talent. We’re looking forward to seeing how the season plays out for him.


Darian Strate DB

6’2 185 lbs

This young man caught our attention at the Ute Shoot, in June.  He made some outstanding plays on the ball.  Darian is well coached, instinctive, and talented.  He is someone we will be watching closely this year.


There is no doubt that Herriman has more D1 players.  We will keep this list updated, as we evaluate them throughout the season.