Alta vs Bingham – Utah Powers meet in Early Scrimmage

First, we would like to thank Coach Te’o, for letting us have field access during the scrimmage, in order to evaluate talent. Coach Te’o has always been generous towards us. Good guy!

It’s just July, but Alta and Bingham were going after it; like it was the middle of the season. Both have heavyweight stars from the the players to the coaches, and they did not disappoint.

Here is a breakdown of the D1 caliber players, from today’s scrimmage:


2018 WR London Rockwood is a legit D1 player.  If you are a D1 coach and have not offered this man, stop what you are doing, call Coach Te’o, and have him send you film.  This young man took over the scrimmage today on offense and defense.  He moved to the top of my WR list, with some good company.  He also had a nice pick 6, on defense. Legit D1 WR (Mountain West Conference). 

2018 LB MJ Tafisi fills the run like a 10 year NFL vet.  He has a natural instinct of fill and punish ball carriers.  I mean that in the most humble way, he punishes ball carriers. Good luck running power and ISO at him.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a LB fill the hole like that.  He’s impressive. He has the opportunity to play on the D1 level early, for whoever signs him.  He’s physically ready. Legit Power 5 LB.  

2018 OL Ewan Tuinei is a D1 lineman.  I wasn’t able to catch his name, but he impressed Coach Mac during 1 on 1s.  Coach Mac said that he is a D1 talent.

2018 QB Will Dana made some excellent throws to London.  I’m looking forward to watching more of Will.  He should be on everyone’s D1 watch list.

2018 Zac Engstrom is a big time player.  He made some big plays today on offense.  He’s been one of the most impressive and consistent players, in the 2018 class. D1 talent.



The Front 7

Bingham has the potential to pitch shutouts this year, with a rock solid defense. That D-Line and Linebacker core, are a talented group and well coached.  They didn’t give up many holes in the run game today, and were quick to the QB on pass plays.  They are good.

2019 DL Simone Pepa, (6’2″ 295) ; is a MAN. He pretty much had his way today.  I’m not sure if he can be single blocked. This young man is a big time football player. Power 5 Player. 

#67 DT, not sure of the name, but this young man is another D1 talent on the Bingham D-Line.  He was plugging the running lanes, along with Pepa.  They are a dangerous duo, that will carry Bingham’s defense a long way, if they stay healthy. D1 Player.

2019 #43 Lolani Langi, this ball hawk was hammering people throughout the scrimmage.  He’s tall, long, and explosive off the ball, and also explosive after he makes contact. He plays with passion and fire.  D1 Player

2018 LB Kobi Matagi is a talented player.  He along with Langa and a couple others, form one of the top LB units in the state.  They are good. The entire LB core needs to be on the D1 watch list. 

2018 WR Brayden Cosper the BYU commit has upped his game. Brayden has always been talented, but he was dangerous after the catch gaining tons of YAC (yards after catch). Brayden was also impressive on defensive coming up a couple of times to make good tackles. A receiver that can hit is rare, and definitely a plus. We have Brayden rated as a legit D1 player. He is close to earning a Power 5 rating.


2019 RB Brayden Wissler is a spark plug.  He scored on a long TD run, in the middle of the scrimmage.  He looked like he shot out of a cannon; explosive.


These are the players that stood out today.  Both teams have quite a few players with D1 talent.

2 thoughts on “Alta vs Bingham – Utah Powers meet in Early Scrimmage

  1. Will Dana went 15/20 no INTs, in the live team scrimmage. Picking up where he left off last year leading ALL QBs in passing efficiency. His film and numbers are impressive.

    Alta has 3 returning All State players in Dana, Tafisi and Engstrom

    Rockwood will be a 4 year starter and has speed to get past any defense.

    Alongside Tafisi is Mitch Medina. A 3 yr starter should be on the list as well.

    Tu’u Afu FB will be another force to be wreckined with.

    Thanks for the right up.

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