2018 QB Class is a Special One

If you check our rankings (Click Here ); you will immediately notice two things that stick out.  First, the GRS (Gerke Ranking System); which is what we use to determine the caliber of player that we are evaluating.  A = One of the top players regionally, and possibly in the country; meaning they are among the elite at their position.  B = D1; meaning a great player, that can play for the majority of D1 schools; not quite USC, or Oklahoma material yet, but definitely that next tier of teams.  Watch List = This athlete can play! We just need to evaluate them more, in order to give an accurate rating.  NR = Not ranked.

Second, you will notice the the “D1 Rating”; which is of the following: Power 5 (Highest Ranking), D1 FBS, D1 FCS, and NR (Not Rated).  This is our recommendation for D1 level.

The 2018 QB class is no doubt; one of the strongest position groups this season. We believe that there are 3 – A players, as of today, at the QB position.  We believe there are another 8-9, that are no question B players, and can play at many D1 schools.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how each player made our list:

Click on their name for a short bio.

Cammon Cooper – He’s one of the best HS QB’s that I have seen in a long time.

Bronson Barron – He’s every bit as talented as Cooper, and can throw with fire.

Zachary Wilson – Coach Mac believes he might be the top QB in the state.

Alex Zettler – One of the most accurate QB’s we have seen. Natural leader.

Ben Ford – A true dual threat QB, for one of the top teams in the country.

Crew Wakley – Had a great Jr. season.  He really impressed our staff.

Will Dana – He could very well have the biggest season out of this group.

Ryan Javines – Another one that will be vying for the top spot on this list.

Isaac Matua – Has all the tools to be a big time player. He’s also in a great offense.

Ty Metcalfe – A fiery leader, that has a great will to win. Big time player.

Austin Bartholomew – Had a solid Jr. season.  Has the potential to have a big year.

Jacob Barben – He has the potential to be one of the top players in this group.


Keep checking for the bios of each player.  They will be updated throughout the season. We will also be adding players, as we head out to the schools to evaluate.

Coaches, if you have a player that should be on this list; send me their film, and schedule a time for us to come out and evaluate him.