Big Time Players with Big Time Size – 2018 D1 OL Summary

The 2018 offensive line class, is the deepest position group in the state of Utah.  We estimate that there will be at least 30 – D1 caliber players, when it’s all said and done.  15 players have a legitimate chance to be at the top of this list. Here are the players that have caught our attention:


Paul Maile; East HS (6’4″ 275) – Maile’s size, speed, power, and athleticism are hard to find in a high school football player.  Which makes him a valuable player and a highly targeted recruit; who is talented enough to play for any team in the country.  Maile plays whistle to whistle and is a pure “finisher”.  He makes sure his opponents are knocked well off of the ball, once the play ends. This will be a common theme with the East O-lineman.  They FINISH each play.

Jaren Kump; Herriman HS (6’5″ 260) – Kump is one of the most athletic lineman, that we have evaluated this season.  He also happens to be one of the most explosive lineman.  He goes both ways, and is just as valuable on defense as he is on offense.  Kump is not the prototypical offensive lineman, since he resembles a heavyweight boxing champion, as you have heard us say often. Kump moves like a linebacker, with the power as an offensive lineman.  His quick feet make it easy for him to get to the next level of blockers, and like Maile, he doesn’t stop, until the whistle blows.

Seni Tuiaki; East HS (6’1″ 250) – Tuiaki is explosive, and attacks the opposing defense with a vengeance. He plays with an old school; tough – hard nosed style.  Watching him play reminds me of some of the great O-lineman that we’ve been able to coach.  Whoever signs this young man will get a talented player, that is versatile.

Sam Taimani; East HS (6’2″ 293) – This young man plays with an edge.  He is also one of the best high school pulling guards around.  He’s tight off the pull and gets to the second level with ease.  Also, a great finisher. We’re looking forward to watching Sam play as the season progresses.  He’s one of the best around.

Penei Sewell; Desert Hills HS (6’3″ 345) – It’s rare to have a player make the A list; who we have not seen play, but Sewell is a no brainer on this list.  His agility is one of the biggest things that stands out on film.  It only takes a couple of plays to realize Sewell is the real deal, which is why multiple teams across the country are recruiting him.  We have to get to a game and watch this talented athlete play in person.

Junior Angilau; East HS (6’6″ 295″) – Angilau is another solid player on the East line, that can easily move to the top of this list.  He’s a big body athlete that moves very well.  His size alone is ideal for 99% of the D1 schools in America.  We’ll be watching Angilau closely to see how he progresses this season.

Hunter Lotolelei; Highland HS (6’3″ 310) – Lotolelei is another rare talent, that made our A-list without us evaluating him in person.  On film, he does all of the right things.  We’re looking forward to watching Highland play this season, and especially watching this young man in the trenches.

Brayden Shipp; American Fork (6’5″ 295) – Shipp made our A-list after an impressive off-season.  He worked hard to perfect his craft, with some of the top offensive line coaches in the country.  A Pac 12 coach evaluated Shipp and said he is definitely the real deal.  Shipp has great feet and is equally effective in the run and pass game.

Approaching the A-List

Tysen Lewis; Weber HS (6’5″ 260) – Lewis is one of the most technically sound lineman in the state, and can easily be at the top of this list, once the season ends. He is another player that had a busy off season; training with some of the top offensive line coaches in the country.  If anyone wants to know the caliber of player Lewis is, simply put on the East film from last month’s scrimmage.  He definitely showed why he is one of the top lineman in the state.

Wyatt Bowles; Syracuse HS (6’5″ 260) – Another player close to being on the A-list.  Bowles is a player that has unlimited potential.  His athletic ability makes him an intriguing at the next level, especially with 5 years to develop. Bowles has potential to at least be a 2-3 year starter on the D1 level.

Karter Shaw; Herriman HS (6’3″ 285) – Many consider Shaw, as one of the top lineman in the state.  He’s someone who does everything well, according to former Utah and Weber State Head Coach Ron McBride and former D1 Offensive Line coach, Alex Gerke

Conor Pay; Lone Peak HS (6’6″ 295) – Pay is a talented lineman on film, and we are eagerly waiting to watch him this season.  We have not been able to evaluate Pay in person, but will definitely get to a Lone Peak game soon to watch him play.  He has good film.

Logan Floyd; Kearns HS (6’4″ 285) – Floyd is one of the biggest O-line sleepers in the state. He’s hit a bit of a growth spurt in size, and his and carries that K-Town edge on the field.  Floyd is tough, technically sound, and talented.  Floyd has the potential to be at the top of this list.

Easton Peterson; Corner Canyon HS (6’5″ 285) – The center is one of the top players at his position, in the state.  He was playing at a very high level before his injury.  Don’t be surprised when he comes back playing on an even higher level.

The Next Tier

Cole Watts; Orem HS (6’8″ 290) – A D1 coach sat in my living room back in April; talking about Watts potential.  He thinks he has all of the makings to become a great college football player.  We’re looking forward to watching Watts play soon. We have not been able to watch Watts in person, but will definitely be keeping track of him, and the rest of the talented Orem football team.

Ewan Tuinei; Alta HS (6’2″ 260) – The Taylorsville transfer has already stepped right in, and established himself on the Alta OL.  He was considered the top offensive lineman, in the Bingham scrimmage, according to Coach Ron McBride.  He really liked the way he looked in 1 on 1’s.  When I asked Coach Mac, if Tuinei was a D1 player, he said, “YES”.

Owen Stewart; Fremont HS (6’8″ 290) – Stewart is another player that is full of talent and potential.  He has a major Pac 12 school interested in him. Stewart is still growing, and has not yet reached is peak. Expect big things from Stewart to have a big season.

Tavite Tonga; Granger HS (6’2′ 270) – The Granger product is the leader of his team.  Tonga is athletic, explosive, and a highly intelligent football player.  Tonga is known as a vicious run blocker, but will also show his talents at tight end this season, as well as the defensive line. Keep your eye on this young man.  He has the world of potential and is considered one of the top football players in the state of Utah.

Braxton Pearce; Herriman HS (6’1″ 285) – Pearce is the ideal player for any coach.  Smart, tough, and technically sound. Pearce has catapulted himself into the discussion, of being the top center in the state of Utah. He’s also considered one of the top defensive lineman in the state.  Pearce will be able to play either position on the D1 level.

D1 Caliber Players – That We’re Hoping to See Soon

Hayden Erickson; Lehi HS (6’4″ 260) – I love Ericsson’s potential.  He’s one of the main reasons why I am planning on making a Lehi game soon. Erickson moves very fluidly on film.  He has impressed me as much as anyone on this list.  If he plays the way we think he will this season, then expect for him to have a high rating very soon.

Chinonso Opara; Juan Diego HS (6’8″ 260) – Many people in the coaching circle believe that Opara has the biggest upside, out of anyone on this list.  He’s dominated on the basketball court, and is fairly new to football.  He’s a specimen.  People like him don’t come around too often.  If Opara progresses the way we think he will, then we might see a special player in the making.

Jase Anderson; Lehi HS (6’2″ 255) – Anderson is another talented Lehi player, that I am excited to watch in person. He has solid film, and is a two way player.  Anderson has showed us enough to make this list, We’re looking forward to watching him play in person, then ranking him.

Watch List

Duncan Millerberg; Syracuse HS (6’3″ 275)

Josh Huff; Viewmont HS (6’5″ 265)

Tyson Martin; Herriman HS (6’3″ 275)

Ian Filoso; American Fork HS (6’2″ 280)


We will be adding to this list as the season progresses.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook, & Twitter for live updates with this special group.  If you have any player recommendations, please go to “The Board” and post their information, so that we are able to evaluate them.  You can also comment below.