D1 Players in Full Effect – 2018 DE Preview

With four “A” players, on the preseason ratings list; the Defensive Ends are strongly making the case, that they are the most talented position group in the state.  Here is a short summary, of how each player made our D1 list:

Cameron Latu, Olympus HS (6’5″ 235) – It will be interesting to see where Latu ends up, position wise, on the D1 level.  He can dominate on both sides of the ball.  On defense, Latu has a natural gift as an elite pass rusher, with his size and speed; which makes him an ideal player to apply pressure off the edge against the spread offense.  Latu’s 2016 film resembles a D1 caliber player.  His 2017 film will show a player who is ready to step right in and contribute on the D1 level.

Tevita Fotu, Herriman HS (6’5″ 245) – One of the best players in the state, that many are still unaware of.  Fotu has All-American potential as a defensive end.  He is as gifted and talented, as anyone on this list, which explains why he has received such quality offers.  Still, Fotu is not a household name.  If this young man stays focused; he has the ability to play this game of football for a long time.

Tennessee Putatau, East HS (6’2″ 240) – Putatau had a solid 2016 football season.  He displayed an array of talents, that helped him gain attention from multiple D1 schools.  Putatua is a player that plays the run and pass well, as a defensive end.  His strength, technique, and speed make him a must have recruit, for many top programs, since he is an every down defensive end, which is hard to find.

Jaren Kump, Herriman HS (6’5″ 260) – The future heavyweight champ is one of the top offensive lineman in the state, with an ever lasting motor on each play.  Many people aren’t aware, that Kump is also an elite defensive end.  He can easily play this position on the D1 level, and be just as dominate, if not more, as he is on offense.

Elijah Shelton, Highland HS (6’2″ 225) – The most technically sound defensive end on this list, from last season’s film. Shelton has a natural gift, as a legitimate playmaker.  Shelton has the ability to be number one on the DE chart, by the time the season ends.  If you haven’t seen Shelton’s Hudl film, please google it, and watch, as he masterfully displays his skills.

Jay Wadley, Viewmont HS (6’5″ 240″) – Wadley is a player many do not know, but will soon find out about soon.  He’s in a system, that will showcase his talents, and give him an opportunity to show D1 schools; his ability to dominate at the next level.  Wadley is a playmaker, and will show many people why this upcoming season.

Johnson Hansen, East HS (6’2″ 240) – Hansen is a “do it all” football player.  He’s able to play multiple positions, and make an impact; showing why he is one of the top players in the state, that you may not be familiar with.  Hansen has all of the tools to play major college football.  This season, he will be facing many of the top players in the country, when East heads into their national schedule.  Don’t be surprised when Hansen gets the better out of his competition.

Kelton Bertagnini, Provo HS (6’3″ 215) – The talented Bertagnini has three things going for him, that make him legitimate D1 prospect; size, speed, and athleticism.  When I watched Bertagnini work out, it only took a few reps to make me a believer of his ability, and raw talent.  This young man can easily blow up (recruiting wise), if he has the type of season, that he is capable of having. on both sides of the ball.


Watch List

Jackson Strong, Viewmont HS (6’1″ 240)

Mike Petty, Corner Canyon HS (6’4″ 215)


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We will continue adding to this list, as the season progresses.  If you know of anyone who should be on this list; leave their information on “The Board”, or comment with their information below.