Utah D1 Corners, Skilled Players Make The D1 List

Here are the D1 caliber corners that I’ve been able to evaluate in person, as well as two others who have caught my eye:

D1 – Caliber, Cornerbacks

Jacob Mpungi; Pine View HS (6’0″ 180) – Mpungi put together an All-Star performance at Mac’s D1 SHOWCASE; showing that he’s versatile, and can play multiple positions on the D1 level including: RB, WR, CB, and FS.  Mpungi has a natural ability to make big plays.  I watched him go against some of the top DB’s in the state, and he made them pay.  I also watched him shut down some of the top wide receivers in the state, as a corner.  It was at time; I said to myself, “He’s a Power 5 football player”.  Mpungi is one of those players, that has not even come close to reaching his potential. Whichever D1 school that signs him, will look like a genius.

Darian Strate; Herriman HS (6’2″ 185) – Strate really stood out to me, when I viewed his highlight film last winter.  His film is literally big play, after big play, after big play.  When I had the opportunity to evaluate him in person, it confirmed what I saw on film; that this young man is a ball player that is being heavily overlooked.  The pick he had against Lone Peak in the Ute Shoot was as smooth as I have seen.  Strate is a ball player that is a D1 material.

Dax Milne; Bingham HS (6’0″ 180) – Milne is one of the most talented wide receivers in the state of Utah. I strongly believe that he is also one of the top DB’s in the state.  Milne is a ball player, to the truest extent.  He plays both sides of the football, for one of the top high school football programs in the country, at a high level that changes the outcomes of games.  What more needs to be said?  D1 player.

Jaylon Vickers; East HS (5’10” 180) – Vickers is a player, that will be competing for the top DB spot in the state this year.  He’s exceptionally gifted physically, but the thing people don’t realize about this talented young man, is his hunger to compete.  I watched Vicker’s challenge the top WR’s in the state every rep that he took.  He never backed down and looked good.  I’ve spoken to more than one D1 school that have Vicker’s high on their list.  He has the mentality and physical ability to be a very special football player.  We project that Vickers will have a big season this year, further catapulting his D1 status.

Isi Leakehe; Herriman HS (6’0″ 180) – I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate Leakehe multiple times, while he trained with former NFL wide receivers coach, Fred Graves.  I left each of those workout sessions amazed at Leakehe’s potential, and wondered how we would have approached him, while I was still coaching at Weber St.  I think he would’ve been at the top of our list, which means, at minimum, he was a Mountain West type of athlete.  Why do I think that?  He’s long, fast, athletic, intelligent, and has great ball skills.  In saying all of that, he can play multiple positions.  Leakehe is a D1 – caliber player, no doubt.

Watch List

Sam Westfall; Dixie HS (5’11” 175) – From what I’ve seen on film, Westfall might be the upcoming star of this group.  Last season, Westfall had an unfortunate injury.  However, his sophomore film showed a player full of potential, with excellent ball skills. West fall plays for one of the top football programs in the state.  Dixie does a great job developing their football players, and coaching them up.  Expect for Wesfall to have a big year, and earn his D1 scholarship.

Colby Samuel; Skyridge HS (6’3″ 180) – The Skyridge coaches brought Samuel to our attention, and I like what I saw on film.  I’m looking forward to being able to see him in person.  He’s a ball player.