Bingham vs East – D1 Preview

Bingham vs East. Two national powers.  Two well respected programs.  Both teams won the championship in their respected classes last year and are now both in 6A. This game is BIG.  There is no other way to describe it.  For all of those who say the preseason doesn’t matter, surely do not understand the magnitude of this upcoming event.  Both teams are well known nationally and a win for either team will further catapult them into the national rankings, as well as give them early bragging rights for a possible rematch later in the season.

Let’s take a look at some of the key match ups:

Lamboune vs Matich

Two well respected coaches; inspirational leaders for their respected teams. Two wizards; great at winning football games. Both coaches have great support staffs and both coaches will have their teams ready to play.  The adjustments that each coach makes will be the key to this game.

East O-Line vs Bingham DL

East has a powerful O-line.  Bingham has powerful D-line. This will be the battle of the dynamic East offensive line against the stout Simote Pepa and Co.  Pepa is arguably the top nose guard in the state. I’m sure the East duo of Ika and Heimuli will have something to say about that, regardless Pepa is a MAN inside.  This will be exciting.  Everything starts up front, and both of these teams are loaded.  Paul Maile, Junior Angilau, Seni Tuiaki, and Sam Taimani come off the ball like mad men every play.  They are tough, they are physical, and they go all out each play.  Each one of them dominates their given opponent, for the most part of each game. The winner of this battle could very well decide the outcome of this game.

Bingham O-Line vs East D-Line

Bingham has one of the top offensive lines each year.  That can be greatly attributed to O-Line coach, Keith Chatelain, who is considered by many as one of the top coaches in the state of Utah.  Bingham’s O-line will be ready, and they will fire off the ball each play.  On the flip side, they will be one of the top defensive lines in the state.  In fact, many consider East to have “The” top defensive line in the state.  Apu Ika and Moa Heimuli man the inside with Tennessee Pututau and Charlie Johnson at the ends.  These guys are hard to block and helped change the outcome of the Timpview game with their solid play up front. Bingham takes pride in running the football and has ran the ball effectively for years.  East takes pride in stopping the run. This will be another great battle to watch.

Bingham LBs vs East RBs

East will feed the ball to Sione Molisi, Charlie Vincent, Lame Feletoa, and QB Ben Ford.  They are the most potent running tandem in the state of Utah.  Any one of the given players; can score on any given play.  They are experienced, battle tested, and dangerous every time they touch the ball. Bingham has one of the top LB units in the state. There are some who would argue that they are “The” top LB unit, with no doubt about it. Lolani Langi is a terror coming off the edge.  He goes 100 mph and hawks down ball carriers from behind and makes it look easy.  East will have to account for Langi, Matagi, and crew in order to run the ball successfully.  In saying that, East has run the ball successfully ever since Coach Matich’s arrival.  This will be fun.

East LBs vs Bingham RBs

Roaming the middle of the field for East will be Viliami Tuasinga. He is one of the most lethal, hard hitting/ head hunting LB’s, in the state Utah, as well as in the West Coast. Tuasinga is a tenacious tackler, that covers the field, from side line to side line.  He plays inside linebacker as good as anyone that I have seen, on the high school level. On the other side of the ball will be Bingham’s duo of power runner Amoni Kaili and home run threat Braedon Wissler. Kali is great at finding open holes and is hard to bring down. Wissler has blazing speed and is a threat to score whenever he touches the ball.  Bingham has a history of running the football well, it’s what they do. East has one of the top run defenses in the state, it’s what they do.  This battle will be an interesting one.

East DBs vs Bingham WRs

Jaylon Vickers and Saia Hamilton vs Dax Milne and Brayden Cosper; promises to be an exciting matchup.  Throw in East corners, Chase Petersen and Mekelee Gautavai, and Bingham tight end KC Lewis and this promises to be an epic battle of skilled players. Vickers and Cosper battled throughout the summer at various summer camps. It was great to watch, as neither one backed down.  Hamilton is one of the most underrated DB’s in the state, and Dax Milne could very well be the top receiver on either team. This will be an interesting one to watch.  These young men are highly talented and highly skilled.

Bingham D1 Watch List

Brayden Cosper, WR/DB, 6’3″ 200, Sr

Dax Milne, WR/DB, 6’0″ 180, Sr

Simote Pepa, DL, 6’2″ 295, Jr

Lilani Langi, OLB, 6’2″ 218, Jr

Kobe Matagi, LB, 6’1″ 190, Sr

Junior Tafuna, OLB/DE, 6’3″ 220, Jr

Amoni Kaili, RB/LB, 5’11” 220, Sr

Braedon Wissler, RB, 5’7″ 165, Jr

KC Lewis, TE, 6’4″ 210, Sr

Amanaki Angilou, OL/DT, 6’1″ 260, Jr

Camden Brown, OL, 6’5″ 250, Sr


East D1 Watch List

Sam Taimani, OL, 6’2″ 290, Sr

Junior Angilau, OL, 6’5″ 300, Sr

Paul Maile, OL, 6’4″ 270, Sr

Seni Tuiaki, OL, 6’2″ 280 Sr

Sione Molisi, RB, 5’7″ 170, Sr

Jaylon Vickers, DB/ATH, 5’10” 180, Sr

Villiami Tausinga, LB, 6’2″ 210, Sr

Johnson Hansen, DE/TE, 6’3″ 245, Sr

Tennessee Pututau, DE, 6’2″ 240, Sr

Moa Heimuli, DL, 6’1″ 290, Sr

Ben Ford, QB, 6’0″ 175, Sr

Charlie Vincent, RB/DB, 5’11” 160, Jr

Apu Ika, DL, 6’3″ 310, Jr