Lehi vs Pine View, D1 Game Review

By the time I entered the packed Lehi stadium, Cammon Cooper and Kade Moore just connected on a 85 yard touchdown, putting Lehi up 14-0.  From there Pine View slowly clawed back, tying the game at 14-0 by halftime. Lehi ended up winning a close battle 21-14.

Lehi and Pine View are both known for their high octane offenses, but it was their defenses that really shined.  Both teams had great game plans, and have phenomenal coaching staffs. There are some D1 caliber players that need to be mentioned.

Here is my D1 summary below:


QB Cammon Cooper – Cooper started out on fire against a stingy Pine View defense.  As we all know; he is a legitimate Division 1 QB. We will take it a step further and say a legitimate Power 5 QB.  Cooper’s accuracy is the biggest thing that has stood out to me, since his sophomore year and it has only improved.  Pine View had a great scheme lined up for the Lehi offense, but Cooper kept making plays out of what seemed to be sure sacks.  He evaded defenders the whole game, and seemed to toy with any potential pass rush before stepping up and throwing.

WR Kade Moore – The more I watch Moore play; the more I appreciate his style of play.  He had a solid junior season, and is having a great senior season.  He is a Division 1 caliber football player. The thing that stood out the most, in watching Moore play was his tenacity.  Pine View had a great swarming defense, and their DB’s had great coverage on Moore all night. Moore always seemed to find a way to get open.  He was also effective once he caught the ball in the short passing game, as well as the deep passing game.  He has two things that separate him from many of the big name receivers in the state.  He has great hands, and he understands the balance between juking and getting upfield, in which he does as good, if not better,  as any receiver I have seen this season.

TE Dallin Holker – Holker is the top tight end in the state, that I have been able to evaluate.  He’s a solid football player, and is a power 5 caliber athlete.  He had a good game, considering Pine View keyed heavily on him.  I really like his ability.

DB William Overstreet – Overstreet was in on quite a few plays in the run and pass game.  He’s an active player.  I think he has really good feet in his backpedal, and looks very smooth and natural when he breaks on the ball.  I think Overstreet has All-Star potential.  There were times in the game were he absolutely dominated and made life tough for Pine View’s biggest stars, who are legitimate D1 caliber players.  Overstreet is an excellent athlete.  I like his potential on the D1 level.

OL/DL Hayden Erickson – It’s hard to notice lineman in a packed game like last night’s.  In saying that, I sure noticed Erickson on offense and defense.  He was stout on both sides of the ball.  He’s bigger than what I expected too.  He seems like he had a solid offseason.  I like his D1 potential as well.

OL/DL Jase Anderson – I didn’t get to see as much of Anderson as I would’ve liked, but I know for a fact that his play was solid.  Anderson went both ways and was very productive in what I saw.  I’ll be looking at the game film, to see how he matched up each play ,against a solid Pine View line.  From what I saw, Anderson played a solid game.

Jaxon Moody – Moody is on our radar.  He made some solid plays last night.  I’m looking forward to evaluating him more this season. He’s a talented player.

DB/ATH Jaxson Harward – I had no idea who Harward was before the game, but definitely knew who he was afterwards.  I haven’t watched enough film to evaluate him on the D1 rubric, but I do know that he was everywhere last night on defense, then ran the ball very well in the 4th quarter on offense.  I’m looking forward to watching more of him.

RB Carsen Manookin – I like this young man’s game.  Manookin is a tough runner and makes the first tackler miss.  He broke away for a great run towards the south end zone in the second half.  I like his style of play, and will be keeping up with him.

Pine View

RB Jacob Mpungi – Mpungi is a man, and there’s no other way to put it.  Lehi put together a solid defensive scheme to stop Mpungi, however Mpungi kept making unbelievable plays throughout the game.  He might be the most physically gifted athlete in the state of Utah.  I’m looking forward to seeing his highlight film, at the end of the season. Mpungi is a major athlete and is a power 5 caliber player.

QB Ryan Javines – Javines had a excellent first half.  So excellent, that he looked like a legitimate D1 QB, and arguably one of the top 3-4 QB’s in the state.  His second half wasn’t quite as smooth, with many balls being batted down at the line of scrimmage, but I’m still high on him.  He is a great athlete and played excellent against a stout Lehi defense.  We’ll be keeping a heavy eye on Javines.  He’s a ball player.

WR Michael Moten – Moten made a couple of really good plays.  However, he was keyed on every second of the game, and had 4-5 Lehi defenders swarming to him, as soon as he touched the ball.  The running room wasn’t there for him, but he still fought for positive yardage, and showed excellent flashes of his ability.

TE/DL Brooks Maile – I really liked what I saw from Maile.  He’s only a junior and is a major football player.  I was watching him block on run plays, and he was getting great push, while opening up holes.  On defense he was playing technically sound football, at the defensive end position.  He plays the run as well as any defensive end in the state.  I like how he closes the gap, versus a down block, while fighting pullers. His technique is textbook.  He’s a well coached athlete, with an enormous amount of talent.