Dixie – Tooele, D1 Game Review

Here are the things that stood out to me:

  • The Dixie coaching staff is really good.
  • Dixie’s offense is really good.
  • Dixie handles adversity very well, by not losing composure. No matter what you do, they keep attacking. Making any opposing big play, short lived.
  • Dixie makes great halftime adjust.  Another sign of great coaching.
  • Jacob Barben is one of the top QB’s in the state.
  • Hobbs Nyberg is one of the top WR’s in the state. .

Dixie D1 Players:

Jacob Barben

I’ve been able to evaluate some talented QB’s this year, in person. . Cammon Cooper, Barron Bronson, Crew Wakley, Zach Wilson, and the list goes on. Those four are legitimate D1 caliber QB’s. Two of them have committed to great D1 programs. With that understood,  Jacob Barben needs to be added to that elite list of QB’s. Barben is one of the most accurate QB’s in the state, along with Cammon Cooper. Last week, I wrote that the accuracy of Cammon Cooper was unreal. Barben is every bit as accurate, from a touch standpoint, and extremely savvy in reading coverages.  Talent wise, Barben can play major college football anywhere. His short pass game and deep balls, were both as accurate as can be. The placement on 90-95% of those balls, was almost magical. His receivers had no choice but to catch it, whether it was a 60 yard bomb, or a short route. Throwing wise, he has to be considered one of the top 2 or 3 QB’s in the state right now, if not the top thrower. He’s good.

  • Accuracy is amongst the best in the country.
  • Highly intelligent player.
  • Moves very well in the pocket.

Hobbs Nyberg

Nyberg scored 6 touchdowns last night. He’s up there, as one of the most electrifying players in the state. Dixie does a great job in getting him the ball. Dustin Smith (QB Elite) made a good point to me earlier this week. He said, “Everyone knows that Nyberg is a key to that offense, yet he continuously gets open”. I’m not sure it can be said any better than that. You can double team Nyberg the whole game. He’ll still get 100 yds and a couple of touchdowns. Shifty, explosive, great hands, and just a special player. I’ve never met Nyberg in person, but he’s easily one of my favorite athletes to watch. D1 schools need to be on him.

  • Has a great sense for the endzone
  • Very hard to cover and very hard to tackle
  • Has great hands
  • Bigger than he looks on film.

Sam Westfall

I’m a big fan of how this young man plays. He hasn’t had much action this year, due to Springville and Tooele being running teams.  Westfall is a talented DB.  He’ll be tested more as the season progresses.  Expect to start hearing his name for more PBU’s and INT’s.

D1 Watch List:

I really liked the way the following players looked yesterday. They’ll be added to the D1 watch list, and evaluated in a more intensive manner. They have the size and athleteicism to play at the next level. They’ll be our focus, during the next Dixie game that we evaluate:

  • FS Payton Wilgar
  • S/LB Matt Kitchen
  • LB Josh Pulsipher
  • DE Kaden Williams
  • WR Payden Harrah


Watch List:

  • RB Jeno Bins

I haven’t caught up with any of the Tooele coaches, so I wasn’t sure if they had any D1 caliber players. One guy that stood out was RB Jeno Bins.  He kept breaking numerous tackles against a stout defense, and took the ball to the house, a few times.  Anyone who can run like that against Dixie’s defense, is a stud. Keep an eye on Bins.  He’s been added to our watch list.