Viewmont vs Skyridge, D1 Game Summary

Two of the top teams in 5A squared off, and it was everything that it was billed to be; going down to the last seconds of the game.  Two great teams, with two great head coaches, and two great coaching staffs.  Both teams had some players show up, and earned a spot on our D1 list.  Here are the players:

Skyridge D1 Prospects:

Alex Palmer, WR/CB (2018) – I thought that Palmer was the player of the game.  He made some great catches, and played equally as well on defense. He also had a great punt return, that almost went for a TD.  Palmer is a game changer.  He’s someone the Skyridge coaches have been high on, and it’s obvious why.  I like his ability to play on the D1 level.  He’s worked himself into being a legitimate D1 prospect.

Charles Raass, DT (2018) – Raas was a load in the middle, on defense.  I like the leverage that he plays with.  He’s a big body athlete, with great balance and athleticism.  He’ll be on many D1 schools radar soon, if he’s not already.  Coach Mac watched him closely most of the night.

Kani Taufa, OLB/DE (2019) – It seemed like Taufa was in the Viewmont backfield often, as he had a relentless pass rush off the edge. Taufa also done a great job in run support. He’s a play maker and an anchor for the Skyridge front seven.  Keep Taufa’s name in your memory.  He has the potential to be a big time player.

Logan Sagapulo, OL/DL (2019) – Sagapulo looked good against Viewmont.  He’s a big athletic lineman that plays well on both sides of the ball.  We like his potential at the next level.  We’ll be watching more film on him as the season progresses. He’s definitely a D1 prospect.

Watch List:

Colby Samuels, WR (2018) – Samuels had the most impressive catches of the night, on the sidelines, with a ball that seemed to be out of reach. He jumped out of nowhere and snagged it down. Samuels has D1 potential.  He looks the part of a wideout, and makes excellent plays.

Garret Rusick, FS (2018)  – Rusick had a major pick in the redone, that could very well have been the difference in the game.  He’s a savvy player in the secondary and makes numerous plays.  We’re looking forward to watching more film of him.

Moses Niumatalolo, QB (2018) – Niumatalolo was injured, during the Viewmont game.  We’re looking forward to evaluating him, once he’s healthy. Coach Mac seems to be very familiar with him.  He sounds like a legitimate D1 prospect.

Viewmont D1 Prospects

Preston Pitt, P/K (2018) – The Kicker/Punter is considered one of the best in America.  His punts were long, high, and had great hang time.  Pitt can kick for any team at the next level.  He’s a legitimate D1 prospect, and can play for any major college.

Alex Harrison, OL/DL (2020) – The sophomore is one of the top players in the state.  His grandfather passed away the night before the game and he still played both ways, for the entire game. So far, Harrison is the top player in the 2020 class, according to our evaluations. His big, quick, and physical.

Chris Stubbs, LB (2018) – The speedy LB was in on numerous tackles against Skyridge.  Stubbs is instinctive and does a great job, with his pursuit to the football.  I’m a big Stubbs fan at the LB position, and believe that he’s a top 3 inside linebacker, in the state of Utah.

Cameron Brown, RB (2018) – Brown made some big plays against a great Skyridge defense.  He seemed to be a major part of the Viewmont offense in the run, and short pass game.  Keep an eye on him as the season progresses. He definitely has next level potential.

Jay Wadley, DL/TE (2018) – Wadley was injured, but has proved to us that he is a D1 caliber player.

Watch List

Davis Weir, QB (2018) – Weir made some great plays, and has earned a spot on our watch list.  He threw a touchdown pass in the first half, while getting drilled, and the ball was right on the money.  We’ll continue to evaluate Weir as the season progresses.

Aaron Bredsguard, LB (2019) – Bredsguard looked really good against Skyridge.  I liked the way he was positioned, at the point of contact.  We’ll be watching him closely for the remainder of the season.

Jackson Barber, WR/DB (2018) – Barber is someone the Viewmont coaching staff is high on, and he showed why Friday night.  Barber is a talented athlete on both sides of the ball.  We’re looking forward to evaluating him more this season.

Lucas Bushey, WR (2018) – I had no idea who Bushey was before the game.  Now, I am well aware of the speedster.  He had a game changing touchdown reception, that was the most impressive play of the night.  He’ll be added to our database.