Highland vs Lehi, D1 Game Summary

Lehi – D1 Performances

This was our first time evaluating Highland this season, and our second time evaluating Lehi.  Here are my thoughts on the D1 caliber players for both teams.

Lehi OC

Whoever is calling the plays at Lehi, is an absolute genius.  He understands how to use his players strengths, while keeping the defense off balance.  Highland has a phenomenal defense.  The Lehi OC made them look confused and out of sync.

TE Dallin Holker

When I arrived at the game, Coach Ron McBride (Former Utah & Weber State Head Coach), immediately said #5 (Dallin Hollker) is a special player.  Highland had no answer for the talented TE.  Holker is indeed a talented player, that can take over a game at any moment.

QB Cammon Cooper

I’m not sure if there are many players in the country, as calm and smooth as Cooper. He’s patient in the pocket and can throw off the run, in any direction, with great accuracy.  Cooper makes the game look so easy.  He also showed why he is on a completely different level, than many of the top QBs in the country.  Watch Cooper play in person, and you will have a greater appreciation for this young man’s unique talents.

WR Kade Moore

Moore is becoming one of my favorite players to watch.  I had a few questions about him, going into the season.  In saying that, he has answered every last one of them, with his play on the field.  I’m comfortable saying that Kade Moore is a legitimate Division 1 caliber player.  He would help numerous team’s in the receiving game, on the D1 level.  Moore is a serious threat with the ball in his hands, and is tough to guard one on one.

OL/DL Hayden Erickson

Erickson plays both ways the entire game.  He’s a throwback player from that sense, and also greatly gifted.  Erickson has a world of potential, on both sides of the ball.  Expect for his recruiting to heat up once November comes.  Whoever signs him, will get a steal.

OL/DL Jase Anderson

Anderson is another stud that goes both ways.  He’s also a tough player. Anderson plays offensive guard and defensive end. That shows his athleticism and versatility.   The more I watch Anderson, the more I am sold that he’s a legitimate D1 caliber football player.  I had an opportunity to focus on him more this week, and he played a great game, against Division 1 talent.

DB  William Overstreet

This was not the most ideal game to evaluate Overstreet, since it was primarily against a running team, but Overstreet still found ways to make plays.  He was also excellent in the return game.

Watch List:

LB #3 – I’m not sure who #3 is, but I enjoyed watching him play.  He was mixing it up, with that tough Highland O-line.

Highland – D1 Performances

DL/WR Elijah Shelton

Shelton is one of the top football players in the state of Utah.  He plays hard the whole game. He was the most exciting players to watch this game, because of his ability to apply pressure to one of the most accurate QB’s in the state, that rarely gets sacked.  That battle was fun to watch. Shelton is legit.

OL – Hunter Lotulelei

Lotulelei is a physical football player.  He fires off the ball every play, and creates running lanes at will. I had an opportunity to watch this talented player play up close, and he was impressive. Lotulelei has great get off and is powerful.  He’ll do well on the D1 level.

DB/RB – Trayton Keyes

I’ve been hearing a lot about Keyes, from a good friend on the Highland coaching staff.  Keyes didn’t disappointment.  He had a tough assignment all game, but looked good.  We’ll be watching him closely the remainder of the season.

Watch List

LB #50 – I’m not sure who #50 is, but he has some serious potential.  I like the way he runs, and attacks the line of scrimmage.  Looking forward to learning more about him.

WR #8 – The tall WR was active and showed great signs of athleticism.  I’m looking forward to watching him play more.

LB #34 – Good player.  He’s another one that we will be evaluating closely.