Orem vs Spanish Fork, D1 Summary

Orem and Spanish Fork are two talented football teams. Here’s the summary, on the D1 caliber players for both schools.

Orem D1 Performances

DL Cayne Sauo – Toa (2018) – Toa is one of the most explosive D-lineman in the state of Utah.  He reminds me of former St. Louis HS (HI) DT Ryan Eastman (University of Hawaii), as well as former West Jordan DL Rio Stotler (Weber State), both of those athletes were major college football players, who were considered undersized.  Toa so fast off the ball, he is almost impossible for high school lineman to block.  He is a legitimate D1 caliber player. Whichever school overlooks his height will look like a recruiting guru/genius.

WR Puka Nacua (2019) – I had the opportunity to watch IMG play yesterday.  That team was filled with D1 WRs who have been offered, to play at many of the top colleges in America.  Nacua is just as good, if not better than anyone on that team.  Meaning; Nacua should be considered one of the top wide receivers in America.  Yes, he is that good.  Nacua is a major talent who is much faster than I originally thought.  I knew he was fast, but man, the young man can run.  However, his greatest gift is his ability to adjust to the ball in the air and catch it at it’s highest point.  He is also gifted with a great vertical jump, and soft hands. Nacua is a legitimate Power 5 – A player.

QB Cooper Legas (2019) – I was sold on Legas, when I watched him practice.  I was even more sold, when I watched him play against Spanish fork.  The QB has a great arm, as well as speed.  Legas took off a couple of times, and looked like someone who could easily play receiver as well, but make no doubt; Legas is a legitimate D1 caliber QB.  He will be one of the top names for the 2019 QB class.

Tausili Fiatoa (2019) – The talented DE had a relentless pass rush the whole game, from his left end position.  His get off his explosive, and his closing speed is impressive.  Coach Hill says he’s actually faster than that, and will get back to his normal speed soon.  That will be a scary sight.  Fiatoa is a legit D1 caliber player.

RT Cole Watts (2018) – Watts is a big body lineman.  He moves well and is athletic, especially for his size.  I’ve been having D1 coaches talk to me about Watts, since Spring recruiting.  This was my first chance to see him play in a game.  I like his potential as an O-lineman.  He hasn’t even scratched his surface yet.  He will be an interesting player to watch in the coming years on the D1 level.

RG Kingsley Suamataia (2021) – Kingsley is a good football player.  For a freshman, he’s an exceptional football player, and talent.  I haven’t come across many players with his composure and level of confidence.  I like what Kingsley brings to the table.  He is a legitimate D1 caliber football player. Again, this is a freshman starting on the varsity O-line for one of the top football programs in Utah. Impressive.

C Ryan Toa – Toa is a talented player.  I’ve already called D1 contacts about him.  I think he has tremendous upside and will do well on the D1 level.  I’m looking forward to watching him play in the playoffs.  Many D1 eyes will be on him.

Orem Watch List

TE Enoch Fiso (2018) – Fiso is a talented player.  He has the size and skill to play on the D1 level.  I wasn’t able to focus on him this game, but we will be watching him closely in the playoffs.

RT Hunter Hill (2019) – The tackle is an athletic player.  Hill is a D1 prospect.  I’m looking forward to seeing his growth in the next year.  My guess; Hill will be one of the top O-line in the state next year, if he continues to progress.

WR/QB Klaysen Christiansen (2021) – I like the potential of Christiansen.  He made a great play in the Spanish Fork game.  I was shocked to hear that he’s only a freshman.  Expect big time plays from this young man in the coming future. He is definitely on our radar.

Spanish Fork D1 Performances

DE/WR Leota Saili – If I had to choose one major D1 sleeper in this game, it would be Leota Saili.  He was impressive in every aspect of the game.  A former D1 coach once told me,  it takes a special player to play DE and WR, within the same game.  Saili doesn’t just play both positions, he dominates at them.  Saili has a special gift, with his motor and drive for the game.  He never stops running, on defense or offense.  He is a unique talent, that will do wonders on the D1 level.  Orem as a talented offensive line, that is filled with major Division 1 caliber talent, that could not block Saili, and my guess is not too many teams can.  He is a big time Division 1 talent. My advice to D1 schools: RECRUIT HIM.

WR Wei Stanton – This was my first time watching Stanton play. He is a big target that had a great game against Orem.  I’m sure he has put up games with more yardage and highlights, but Orem is one of the most talented teams in Utah, so watching his performance against them was a great measuring stick. In saying that,  Stanton made some big time plays.  He is absolutely a D1 caliber player.  We’ll be watching him closely in the playoffs.

QB Carson Chappell – Chappell earned my respect, after the first couple of series.  He was under a relentless pass rush by the Orem D-line, and made unbelievable throws under pressure.  He was hit many times, during and after the throw, and still seemed to hit his targets in stride.  Chappell is well coached, and has great technique.  He has the talent and size to play on the Division 1 level.  He’s a very gifted player.  I can only imagine how well he would do, when he actually has time to sit in the pocket and throw.  We’ll be watching Chappell closely the remainder of the season.

DE Gavin Campbell – Campbell is a solid defensive end.  I was really impressed with his game against Orem, especially his pass rush.  Campbell is tall, long, and fast. He is someone Division 1 coaches need to take a hard look like.  I’m looking forward to watching more film on him.

Spanish Fork – Watch List

DB Kaleb Lindquist (2019) – Lindquist is a speedy player.  I liked how constantly followed Nacua across the field.  It was hard to see most of Lindquist’s reps, but I will be watching him closely throughout the playoffs.  He’s definitely a talented player.

OL Sam Dawe (2019) – The tackle showed flashes of skill, against a talented Orem defensive line.  Dawe is talented, and has an opportunity to be one of the top O-lineman in the state next year.  I’m looking forward to watching his progression. Good player.


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