American Fork – Hunter, D1 Summary

I was able to squeeze in a half of the American Fork – Hunter game, before nearly missing my flight to Charlotte, NC.  It was worth every second. Here’s the D1 review:

QB Bronson Barron –  Bronson Barron is the most college ready QB in the state of Utah, and the plays he made against Hunter showed why.  Bronson Barron is the top QB in the state of Utah.  We have a talented 2018 QB, and he’s at the top of the list.  He is special.  My humble advice to every major college football program in America:  Offer him and recruit him heavy.  He will be one of the top QB’s in college football in the coming years, if given the right opportunity.  Power 5, A player.

WR/DB Jeffrey Harris – Harris put on a special performance against Hunter.  He’s a MAJOR sleeper.  Harris was making plays everywhere, last Friday. .  He had great receptions, great tackles, and a great pick. Harris had the most complete performance that I have seen this year out of any Utah recruit.  He’s a big time talent.   Harris is a legitimate Division 1 caliber player, no question.

WR/PR Chase Roberts – Roberts is another special player on the American Fork football team.  Roberts made a couple of jump ball catches, that showed why he’s a major recruit.  He looked like a power 5 football player.  This young man is a special. Roberts can flat out run. He’s as talented as they come at the wide receiver position.  He has the potential to be one of the top WRs in the country next season.  Power 5, A player.

OL Braydin Shipp – I wasn’t able to watch Shipp as much as I wanted, due to the nature of the game, with American Fork’s skill players.  However, I will say this;  we’ve seen enough of Shipp to know he’s a major talent.  I’ve been next to Coach Mac (Ron McBride, former Utah and Weber State Head Coach), while he was speaking to Power 5 schools, about Braydin Shipp.  He told them Shipp is the real deal, and encouraged them to get to Utah ASAP, in order to recruit him.  Coach Mac says that Shipp is no doubt, a Power 5 OL.

American Fork D1 Watch List

WR/KR John Traveller – I’m a big fan of Traveller.  He made some impressive plays against Hunter.  He is someone D1 schools need to keep a close eye on, as a slot WR and kick returner.

DT – Jonah Leung-Wai – I thought Leung-Wai looked very athletic. I really liked the way he ran from sideline to sideline making plays.  He’s an interesting prospect for the 2019 class. We’ll be keeping a close eye on him.

OLB/TE Easton Adamson – Adamson has some potential on the defensive side of the ball.  He looked good on D.  I’m looking forward to watching how he plays against a very talented East OL.

WR  Farrell Dean – Dean makes a ton of plays, and is a talented player.  He’s arguably one of the top WRs in the state.  I’m looking forward to watching how he matches up against a talented East secondary.  We’ll be able to give an accurate rating of him after that game.

FS Boston Taylor – Taylor was active against Hunter. I also like the way he looks on film.  He’s definitely someone schools should be evaluating.  The East game will be a great measuring stick for him.

C Ian Filoso – Filoso is a talented center.  Again, the East game will be a great measuring stick for him, D1 wise. I’m looking forward to seeing him play against the East DL.

Hunter D1 Performances

RB Pailate Makakona – Makakona has made a strong case, that he’s one of the top backs in the state of Utah.  I like what he brings to the table. His running style of power, speed, and balance has given teams big time trouble.  Makakona is a competitor and has put Hunter on his back time and time again, when the game has been on the line.  Every time that has happened, Makakona done what D1 calibers players do; he made plays.  I can see an out of state D1 school taking a shot on him.  He’s talented.

OL Manu Tupuola – Size wise Tupuola will get a ton of looks from D1 schools.  He played a good game against American Fork, from what I was able to see.  He’ll be another interesting prospect for the 2019 class.

Hunter D1 Watch List

OL Atelea Tahi – I wasn’t able to see as much of Tahi as I wanted to, but from what I saw, I thought he looked really good.  We’ll be breaking down more Hunter games to accurately evaluate him.

QB Deasean Cash – The 2020 QB is a future star.  I’m not sure if the state of Utah has seen a QB with his quickness and passing accuracy.  He runs like a WR.  Cash will be fun to watch in the upcoming seasons.