6A Championship – Bingham D1 Summary

Congratulations to the Bingham Miners for winning the 6A state championship.  I’m not sure too many people saw this coming, outside of the South Jordan community.  We have to give major props to this team and coaching staff. Bingham has a unique tradition, and Coach Lambourne has proved, that he is one of the top high school football coaches in America.

Here are the players who left no doubt, that they are legitimate D1 players, from this game:

Bingham D1 Performances

DL Simote Pepa (2019) – Pepa is a MAN!  That is the simplest way to put it.  He is one of the top defensive lineman in the country, for the 2019 class, and was virtually unblockable this past season, as well as in this game.  He was an anchor up front, that helped take away a deadline inside running game by East.  He’s a player, that Power 5 schools dream of having, and expect to have in order to compete for championships.  Pepa is no doubt a Power 5 – A player.

DL David Latu (2019) – Latu made numerous big plays against the stout offensive line of East. Latu does a great job staying playside and disrupting the run, by playing gap control defense.  He’s a very gifted player and has earned an A rating.  He has a very bright future.  If he continues down this path; he will be a major college football player. Late is a  D1 – A Player.

LB Junior Tafuna (2019) – Tafuna is one of the top linebackers in the state of Utah.  Many can argue that he’s the top inside linebacker in the state.  He’s not the flashiest player, but he is definitely one of the most consistent, and technically sound.  Tafuna plays the run extremely well, and understands how to take the necessary angles inside, without losing his gap (staying on backside hip of ball carrier).  He’s a very savvy and talented LB.  D1 – A player.

LB Lolani Langi (2019) – Langi is the most dangerous edge player in the state of Utah.  His closing speed is as good as I have ever seen.  Throughout the game; he was chasing down players from the backside, at the opposite side of the field.  Langi is a Power 5 defensive coordinator’s dream, with his ability to apply pressure off the edge.  He’s also a Power 5 offensive coordinator’s worst nightmare, an edge rusher that is also a run stopper. Langi is a Power 5 – A player.

RB Braedon Wissler (2019) – Wissler is one of the most exciting backs to watch, in the state of Utah.  His kickoff return in the first quarter was a game changer for Bingham.  He also showed the ability to run inside, against a future D1 front seven.  Wissler is a natural running back who will do wonders on the D1 level.  He has the natural vision that every great running back has.  He also carries the ball with the heart and tenacity, that every great running back has.  Wissler is an ideal spread running back.  I’m looking forward to seeing which D1 schools are smart enough to offer him early.  If I ever went back into D1 coaching, Wissler would be one of the first backs that I would go after.

Safety Kobi Matagi (2018) – Matagi probably has the most upside out of any player on Bingham team.  Matagi made some big time plays; especially when he flew upfield multiple times to make plays at the line of scrimmage, and even for TFL’s. Matagi hasn’t even scratched his potential yet, he’ll probably add another 25-30 pounds within the next two years, and move to a LB spot, or could easily stay at safety. His athleticism is off the charts. He is a major D1 sleeper.

LT Camden Brown (2018) – Brown is another D1 sleeper on this Bingham team.  I thought he played a great game, against future D1 lineman.  Brown is a lean player, with a lot of room to grow.  After watching this game, I would highly recommend recruiting this 6’6″ athlete at tackle.  Players like him are hard to come by, and he will definitely fill out.

WR Brayden Cosper (2018) – Cosper is one of the most talented receivers that I’ve come across.  The jump ball that he caught over Vickers was a tough catch, and a glimpse into what many should see for years to come, on the D1 level.  Bingham prides itself on the run, as we all now.  However, Cosper comes up with the big plays, when they are needed most.  He also had a big third down catch on a crossing route, which was another big time play in the game.

WR Dax Milne (2018) – Milne is a big time football player.  This game featured the run, so Milne only had a couple of passing targets.  However, he came down with a great catch by the goal line, which led to a critical touchdown for Bingham.  Milne is one of the top players in the state of Utah, and has had an outstanding year.  He is a D1 sleeper.

Bingham Watch List

RB Amoni Kaili (2018) – I really liked what I saw from Kaili.  He was a load the second half, and helped secure the win for Bingham, with his tough runs for first downs.  Kaili is a player that schools need to take a hard look at.  I’ll be going back to look at more film of him, which what I’m assuming many schools will do, once they’re able to see clips of him.

LB Malachi Fotu (2018) – Fotu delivered hit that eventually led to a TD, by Lolani Langi.  That play alone secured the win for Bingham, and earned Fotu a spot on this D1 list.  Fotu played the spill perfectly and lowered the boom.  He needs to be looked at.