6A Championship – East D1 Summary

I’ve written about East a few times, so I’ll make this brief and to the point. East High School made it to the 6A championship game, as a 5A school.  That is an amazing feat. East has a great coaching staff, from top to bottom; all good people, and very talented coaches. In saying that, I believe Coach Matich is one of the top high school football coaches in the country, and a master at developing talent.

East is loaded with D1 players, as I have said in previous post.  Here are the players, who had D1 performances caliber performances, versus Bingham:

DL Apu Ika (2019) – We can’t say enough about this talented player. Ika is one of the top defensive tackles in the country. He had some big time sacks and TFL’s against a talented Bingham O-line. Ika will be a national recruit. Power 5 – A player

DL Paul Maile (2018) – This was my second time watching Maile play, at the defensive end position.  He looked really good, against Bingham’s O-line against the run and pass.  We really like what Maile brings to the table on both sides of the ball.  However, speaking from a defensive perspective: Maile would be a killer 5 technique in many Power 5 school’s system. Power 5 – A player

DL Tennessee Putatau (2018) – Putatau has been thriving since he moved inside (DT). Putatau had a great game against Bingham. He made multiple key plays at the line of scrimmage.  Putatau is a freak athlete who played LB last year, and started out the beginning of the year at defensive end.  Now, he’s become one of the top defensive lineman in the state. He has enormous potential at the next level. Players like that are hard to come by.  Power 5 – A player

LB Nic Harris (2018) – Harris had a solid game against Bingham.  His point of contact, on his run fits were excellent. Harris is a punishing tackler at the LB position. If his pass drops are anything like his run fits, he’ll be on people’s radar rather quickly.  I really like how Harris stepped in at QB, and put East back into the game.  He’s a talented athlete, who deserves to get some hard looks by schools.

DB Jaylon Vickers (2018) – Vickers is a ball player, and a fierce competitor. There were two plays that really stood out to me, with Vickers this game.  The first was the first fade route thrown to Bingham WR, Brayden Cosper, in which Cosper made an unbelievable catch, against tight coverage from Vickers.  After that play, Bingham went right back to their D1 wide receiver (Cosper) and Vickers made and outstanding pick, for an interception.  That sequence further proves the poise and talent that Vickers has.  He never backs down from a challenge.  Former NFL player and D1 coach Andre Dyson, had very strong compliments about Vickers, when he evaluated him.  He said that Vickers is no doubt a D1 caliber player.

DL Johnson Hansen (2018) – We love watching Hansen play.  He’s an athletic player, who plays at a high level, on a consistent basis.  Hansen is one of the most overlooked and underrated players in the state of Utah.  Against Bingham, he made some outstanding plays versus the rollout and boot, which prevented big plays from happening.  Hansen has the potential to be a big time player at the next level. Hansen is a legitimate D1 caliber football player.