2018 D1 Sleepers – RB’s (Top 5)

If you are a D1 school, you need to take a hard look at these five sleepers. Here are the running backs; who we believe are D1 caliber players, and are major sleepers.

Top Utah 5 RB’s – With No Major D1 Offers

No. 5: Carter Green (Weber HS) 6’0″ 200 lbs

Green is a physical specimen.  He’s also considered one of the hardest workers in his program.  We envision green as the lead back, in a two back system on the D1 level.  He runs well, catches well, and has the body to block very well.  It’s hard to find players with Green’s size and potential.  He’ll easily be a 225 – 230 lbs back, with great speed.  Recruit him hard.  He’s a gifted and talented player, that we highly recommend.

No. 4: Cameron Brown (Viewmont HS) 6’0″ 200 lbs

Brown had a big time off-season, and he had an even bigger season.  He showcased running brilliance with his size, speed, strength, and balance.  Brown is a very talented runner.  We also feel like he can play either back at the next level, and contribute greatly.  Do not overlook this player, he is definitely one that will not disappoint any staff.  Recruit him hard, we highly recommend him.

No. 3: Pailate Makakona (Hunter HS) 5’11” 220 lbs

Makakona is a playmaker.  I personally watched him take over games, against great competition. He has the size and speed that D1 schools look for, and is an extremely powerful runner.  Pull up his highlight film, and enjoy the show, because this young man can play.  Makakona is a competitor, and a warrior. He’s a hard nosed/tough football player, that can help many D1 programs in the running game.

No. 2: Sese Felila (Kearns HS) 5’8″ 170 lbs

Felila is possibly the most overlooked player, in the state of Utah.  This young man has run all over the state the past couple of years, giving numerous teams headaches.  Fell has great character, and is a true leader.  Pull up Felila’s film and he will remind you of former Oklahoma great, Quentin Griffin. We have no doubt that Felila is a D1 caliber running back.  Recruit this young man, if you are looking for the full package.  You will not be disappointed. We evaluated him quite a few times, and came away very impressed.   If you talk to the Kearns coaching staff, they will rave about this young man forever,  and we agree them. Felila is a major D1 sleeper.

No. 1: Sione Molisi (East HS) 5’6″ 170 lbs

Molisi is a prime time player, a Power 5 running back.  Many schools are going to make the mistake of overlooking him because of his size, and we are here to highly encourage you to not make that mistake.  Three former D1 coaches (Ron McBride, Alex Gerke, Don Eck) all signed off on Molisi saying that he is absolutely, with no doubt, a D1 caliber running back.  Those three coaches raved about Molisi, when they played eventual 6A champion Bingham, by saying he was no doubt a D1 back.  When I watched Molisi against the top high school in America (IMG), I felt like he was easily one of the top 2-3 players on the field.  He ran all over that team.  He was probably close to 100 yards, at halftime.  Molisi needs to be recruited by every D1 program, looking for a running back. He is a big time sleeper.