2018 D1 Sleepers – OL (Top 10)

Here’s the top 10 D1 sleepers from the OL position:

Top 10

No. 10: Logan Sagapulo (Skyridge HS) 6’3″ 330 lbs

Sagapulo showed his potential when we evaluated him.  H’s a big body that is athletic.

No. 9: Jase Anderson (Lehi HS) 6’2″ 260 lbs

Anderson is a skilled player, that plays well on both sides of the ball. We liked what we saw each time we evaluated him.  He’s a solid D1 sleeper.

No. 8: Braxton Pearce (Herriman HS) 6’1″ 285 lbs

Pearce is one of the top centers in the state of Utah. He’s also a talented defensive lineman. Pearce is definitely a D1 caliber player.  Centers this talented are hard to find.

No. 7: Michael Pacheco (Kearns HS) 6’2″ 260 lbs

We watched Pacheco dominate one of the top DE’s in the state, eventually making the player quit.  The player that Pacheco dominated has signed with a D1 school.  When I say Pacheco dominated that particular player; I mean he absolutely obliterated the young man.  That performance earned him a spot on this list.

No. 6: Ryan To’a (Orem HS) 6’7″ 330 lbs

We had the chance to evaluate To’a in person in October, and re-evaluated him in November.  To’a is one of the biggest sleepers in the state.  He’s a big athlete that can move.  It’s hard to find players with this amount of size, coordination, and athleticism. To’a will be a major steal for the D1 program that signs him.

No. 5: Easton Peterson (Corner Canyon HS) 6’5″ 295 lbs

Peterson is considered to be one of the top centers in the state of Utah, according to Coach Ron McBride.  Three former D1 coaches have evaluated Peterson, and rated him as a legit D1 caliber player.  One former D1 position coach (offensive line) said the following quote, “Easton is better than many O-lineman on the D1 level, right now.”

No. 4:  Hayden Erickson (Lehi HS) 6’4″ 260 lbs

Erickson shined on the field each time we evaluated him.  He’s a special talent, with a very high ceiling on the D1 level.  Erickson is a major D1 sleeper.

No. 3:  Camden Brown (Bingham HS) 6’6″ 255 lbs

Brown has played at a high level the whole season.  He especially played well against the talented East D-line, which has numerous athletes with D1 offers. Many could argue that Brown should be number one on this list, and we would have no problem with that. Brown is talented and will do wonders on the D1 level.

No. 2: Brayden Shipp (American Fork HS) 6’6″ 300 lbs

Shipp is not just a major D1 sleeper; he’s a Power 5 sleeper.  Former D1 head coach Ron McBride, believes Shipp is a Power 5 football player, without question. Shipp currently holds one FBS offer, which is alarming to us, and a great opportunity for many programs to take advantage of.  Shipp has all of the tools to be a great college football player.

No. 1: Karter Shaw (Herriman HS) 6’4″ 285 lbs

Shaw just received his first D1 offer.  He’s still a major D1 sleeper. Shaw could very well be the top O-lineman in the state of Utah.  He’s definitely the most advanced technically, and plays with a tough-physical-nasty motor, against his opponents. Shaw can play for the majority of D1 program, in the country.