2018 D1 Sleepers – LB’s (Top 8)

Here’s how we rank them according to their potential impact on the D1 level:

D1 Caliber LB’s

No. 8: Nic Harris (East HS) 6’2″ 235 lbs

Harris is a solid run stopper.  In fact, he could possibly be one of the top 2-3 run stopping LB’s in the state of Utah.  Against IMG and Bingham, he made some remarkable run stops, against D1 caliber Offensive lineman. Those two performances solidified is ability to play D1 ball at the LB position.

No. 7: Lincoln Bunker (Lehi HS) 6’1″ 200 lbs

Bunker arguably is the most instinctive player on the list. He’s a ballhawk, that plays with D1 speed.  We loved what we saw when we evaluated this young man in person.  Bunker is a D1 talent.  He would be a great addition to a D1 program.

No. 6: Colton Manning (Clearfield HS) 6’1″ 200 lbs

Manning is the most accomplished athlete on this list, for the simple fact that he played LB, WR, and also handled all of the kicking duties.  He played at a high level at each position.  Former NFL standout and D1 coach Andre Dyson, says that there is no doubt that Manning is a D1 caliber player.  We agree with that 100 percent.

No. 5: Journey Buba (Kearns HS) 6’3″ 190 lbs

Buba is the wild card of this group.  When we evaluated him in person, he showed some ability that is rare.  We immediately started calling our D1 contacts, telling them about Buba.  Our words were this:  “Buba is a big time sleeper.  You need to heavily recruit him, with the intention of offering him. He will be a big time player.”

No. 4: Mitch Medina (Alta HS) 6’2″ 220 lbs

Medina is a talented player.  Physically he fits the mold of a typical D1 LB. Medina has been receiving D1 interest, and even holds a Mountain West offer.  He’s still a D1 sleeper.  Look at his film, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.  Medina makes plays in the run and pass game, and has a rare combination of size, speed, and strength.

No. 3: Payton Wilgar (Dixie HS) 6’3″ 210 lbs

Wilgar has all of the tangibles to be a great LB on the D1 level.  His size, speed, and instincts make him one of the most attractable players on this list.  It’s hard to find 6’3″ LB’s that can run and hit the way Wilgar does.  He covers quite a bit of space on the field.  He’s another player who could easily be at the top LB on this list.  His potential on the D1 level is sky rocket high.

No. 2: Chris Stubbs (Viewmont HS) 6’2″ 195 lbs

Stubbs could arguably be the top player on this list as well.  He was a one man wrecking crew on defense, and is the top blitzing LB in the state, that we’ve been able to evaluate.  Stubbs is a game breaker and a home run hitter on D.   Pull up his highlight film and be prepared to watch some of the top plays of the year.  He’s a legit D1 linebacker.

No. 1: Carl Odom (West Jordan HS) 6’2″ 215 lbs

Odom could very well be the top athlete in the state of Utah.  He played linebacker, running back, and returned punts and kickoffs, while scoring a numerous amount of touchdowns, to go along with some amazing stops on D.  On the D1 level, Odom is a natural at LB and a Power 5 caliber player.