2018 D1 Sleepers – Defensive Line (Top 6)

We believe each player has the potential to significantly help D1 schools. Here’s the list of the D1 sleepers for the D-line:

D-line – D1 Sleepers

No. 6: Creedyn Foulger (Mountain Crest HS) 6’2″ 240 lbs

Foulger played outside linebacker for Mountain Crest, and has good film playing that position.  We project Foulger as a DE on the next level.  He is a talented enough to play in either a 4-3, or 3-4 scheme.

No. 5: Dalton Brooks (Stansbury HS) 6’2″ 290 lbs

Brooks is one of the most talented players in the state, and possibly one of the most overlooked.  Brooks is a powerful player with a motor, and makes game changing plays. He is a D1 sleeper.

No. 4: Cayne Sauo To’a 5’10” 250 lbs

Cayne is one of the most explosive D-lineman in the state of Utah.  He’s also one of the top playmakers in the state.  He absolutely dominated this past season, and was a big reason Orem won the state title.  To the D1-FCS schools who are not recruiting To’a because of his height:  We bet he’s better than 90% of the D-lineman on your team right now.

No. 3: Jay Wadley (Viewmont HS) 6’5″ 255 lbs

Wadley is one of the most talented D-lineman in the state of Utah.  He is a talented athlete that has given many of the top o-lineman in the state, a run for their money.  Wadley has been receiving heavy D1 interest, but no offer to our knowledge.  We believe he will be a late D1 pickup.


No. 2: DE/WR Leota Saili (Spanish Fork HS) 6’2″ 210 lbs

Leota is one of the biggest sleepers in the state of Utah, as a d-lineman.  His speed off the ball, and strength at the point of contact is hard to find.  This young man is a gem, and a legitimate D1 sleeper.

No. 1: Kelton Bertagnini (Provo HS) 6’3″ 215 lbs

Bertagnini is standout tight end and defensive end, with a huge upside.  He’s received FCS offers, but we believe that is a legitimate D1-FBS player.  He’s a match up problem on offense and defense, with his size, speed, and strength.