2018 D1 Sleepers – Still Available

In 2018 we started Utah D1 in order to get our top players accurately evaluated and rated. Overall, it was a huge success!  Numerous players received D1 scholarship offers from our evaluations.  However, we strongly believe that a few players are being overlooked by D1 programs.

QB – Jacob Barben, Dixie HS:  Utah had a historically talented class at QB last year.  At least six of the 2018 QB’s have received opportunities to play ball on the D1 level.  I was able to evaluate Barben in person (Fall 2018) and immediately called Coach Mac (Ron McBride) afterwards and said the following: “Coach Mac, I just watched the QB from Dixie.  He’s every bit as good as the top QBs (those who received D1 offers).  In fact he might actually be better.  He probably has the best touch out of any of them, especially on his deep balls.”

RB – Carter Green, Weber HS: The workhorse guided Weber to a region title and helped turn Weber HS into one of the most feared programs in the state of Utah.  I was able to evaluate quite a bit of game film on Green.  We have no doubt that he’s a D1 caliber back.     His coaches raved about his work ethic and character.  To me, that makes this young man a no brainer.  Pull up his Hudl highlight, and call Coach Hammer.

LB – Colton Manning, Clearfield HS:  This young man was everywhere on the field when I evaluated him. He played TE, LB, Punter, and Kicker (FG’s included), and was outstanding at each position.  Manning was one of the most athletic and versatile players that we were able to evaluate; and he was one of the driving forces behind Clearfield’s historic upset of Hunter HS.  We’re surprised that he wasn’t offered by a D1 school. Seven year NFL vet -Coach Andre Dyson, signed off on Manning as a D1 player last Spring.  When we evaluated him, we agreed with Coach Dyson 100 percent.

LB – Chris Stubbs, Viewmont HS:  Stubbs was one of the top defensive players in the state of Utah.  His explosiveness and speed of the ball overwhelmed opponents.  He was receiving some D1 looks in the fall, but no one pulled the trigger.  Stubbs would be a great addition to any D1 program.  We were actually shocked when he didn’t receive an offer.  We figured he was a no brainer for D1 schools. Stubbs is a big time D1 sleeper.

DB – Tyson Herrera, Herriman HS:  I’ll put it very simple with this young man; Herrera was one of the top football players in the state of Utah.  I watched him dominate the top wide receivers in the state, like it was child’s play.  In the run game, he was as aggressive and violent as any high school safety I have seen.  Herrera is a D1 football player.  There is nothing more to say about that, other than sign him and reap the rewards of making a savvy recruiting decision.