Mo Sonasi – D1 Size and Speed

This article is a part of a series; featuring the top D1 caliber players in the state of Utah.

How He Earned a D1 Rating

Season Summary: Sonasi earned his D1 rating from a stellar camp performance in April of 2017.  He followed up that performance by rushing for 2,188 yards and 22 Touchdowns, during the 2017 season.

Total Number of Evaluations: 4 evaluations (2 evaluation in person, and 2 evaluations on film)

What We Observed in Those Evaluations: A Division 1 caliber running back that looked like a man playing against boys.  He’s built like a D1 back, and plays at a D1 speed. Sonasi’s size and speed set him apart from his competition.  Sonasi looked like a legitimate Power 5 running back when we evaluated him, on each occasion.

What Separates Him From the Rest: This might sound repetitive, but it’s his size and speed.  Sonasi is on a different level in those areas.  He also rushed for over 300 yards in a couple of games.  Aside from his running ability, Sonasi also has great hands, and is a nightmare in the pass game.  Granger’s offense is run heavy, but we were able to see what Sonasi could do when he lined up at receiver, as he made a series of acrobatic one-hand catches against the top DB’s in the state.

Why He Would Be a Great Addition to Any D1 School: 

Players like Sonasi are hard to find, especially in the state of Utah.  He fits the mold of the running backs that you typically find in the South.

“He’s the most physically ready D1 player that I’ve come across, since I’ve been in Utah.”  – Kamaal S. Ahmad (Former D1 Coach and Recruiting Coordinator).

Getting to Mo Sonasi with Q&A

What have you been up to this off season?

Just been working.  Our rugby season just ended, and we took state.  We were beast!

Describe your mindset going into last season, when you led the state of Utah in rushing.

I was hungry. A lot of coaches slept on me.  I wanted to prove a point.  My family is also a big motivation.  My parents work hard.  I want to be able to help them out one day, to where they don’t have to work.

Where are you at recruiting wise, right now?

I’m just trying to find a good fit. Right now I’m pretty open.  I don’t have any favorites, I’ll play wherever.  Obviously, it would be nice to play in the SEC, or the Pac 12, but honestly, I’ll play wherever.  It doesn’t matter.